August 29, 2013



p3575241a877576354-ssThe farm protests down here are continuing and the situation seems to be deteriorating into just riots with the accompanying rioting. The police look undisciplined at times throwing rocks back at the demonstrators and chasing individuals down and beating them with their fists and clubs. As is usual in these type of protests the innocent people in the urban areas are the most affected. The protesters have blocked roads preventing the delivery of produce, gasoline, and milk. The prices of what is available are going up very fast and things don’t look like they’ll get better real quick. Part of what is upsetting the farmers is the importing of product from the US at reduced prices because of the recent trade agreement. We said that we didn’t think it would be good for Colombians but now it appears that we were correct. America is not the only one doing this recently it was on the news that the traditional straw sombrero worn by the Colombian, and handmade as a occupation, were being imported from China at a lower price (But not the same quality). Food shortages will start to show up this weekend as people are getting paid and purchasing food for the next two weeks or more. I’ve seen figures of import and export since the trade agreement and America is sending a lot more than it’s importing. Traditional business’s such as shoe making, sombreros, clothes, and food are being threatened by imports from America and elsewhere. The economy in most of Colombia is based on the individual not the massive corporations we see in America. If all this continues Colombia will see an end to a lot of its old ways and very high inflation. I hope the Government wakes up soon and starts taking care of its people instead of its pocketbooks or the FARC could win without firing another shot. This Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia

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