August 27, 2013

indexWell it was bound to happen I guess Starbucks is coming to Colombia. I don’t know how they think they’ll be successful but you have to give them credit for trying. First thing I saw wrong was Starbucks rep. that was being interviewed spoke lees Spanish than JEFF. Second thing is I don’t see there menu going over really big and as Dunkin Doughnuts has found out they don’t get exclusive territories down here. When the average Colombian is given a choice between a Dunkin Doughnuts over priced Latte and a cup of Coffee from a local vendor Dunkin loses every time. I would assume in places like the Santa Fe mall, which is rather expensive they will probably do OK. Down here where we live people work and they don’t have time to wait for while somebody whips up a double shot almond latte with skim milk and sugar substitute. They say they’ll be using only Colombia coffee which means it will be the same as everywhere. One good thing people down here make everything to order including coffee you won’t have a whole bunch of different coffees setting in thermos bottles behind the counter. Here they usually use espresso machines to make regular coffee. I think this is on time when Starbucks has made a huge mistake. Another thing they should about is the back lash towards America for importing cheap products thank to the trade Agreement (which Jeff and I both said the people were going to get screwed). I also don’t think the average Colombian can afford Starbucks an example of this is when Jeff and Ruby recently went to a Subway restaurant down here and bought two Subway Club foot long sandwiches and spent as much as they would have for a Filet Migon dinner for two at a near buy restaurant. In conclusion Jeff doesn’t like Starbucks, never has, and doesn’t see them as having much future but what do I know I’m a cat and don’t drink coffee. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin.

One Response to “STARBUCKS OH NO”

  1. valerie said

    I never did understand the hoopla for starbucks


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