August 23, 2013

toothpasteOne thing you can say for Colombian people they don’t waste anything. They’re very big on recycling it’s used as a source of income for many people down here, especially the younger ones. I mean take a look at Ruby she does everything but suck on the toothpaste tube to get every last bit out. In America most people don’t bother Americans waste a lot of stuff they’re the wasteful people in the world. The only problem in Colombia is they’re polluters. They think nothing of throwing an old couch down the hill in back of their apartment. If you take a train ride from Bello to the center of Medellin you get to see the river next to the tracks. You will see pollution at its worst they actually use garbage to make landfill next to the river never thinking about the stuff that will seep in the water. They wash their front side walks with detergent but car that the water drains into the river. Like most rivers they begin as pristine water ways until they come in contact with humans. The day is not too far off when you humans will have to pay for your crimes against nature. It’s nice to be thrifty but you still have to take care of the empty containers. Ok I’ll stop preaching but remember I’m a cat and I know about this nature stuff. This is Flounder Saying CIAO from Colombia.

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