July 25, 2021

Well I just looked at my stats for the week and nobody stopped by, now that’s depressing. Well lets get on with it. This week the Olympics opened with no spectators in the stands. It was weird to watch the athletes march in then stand around and try to look interested when there was nobody there. The Olympics are for the athletes but, also for the host country to make some money. I have never heard of one that didn’t lose some money and except for politicians not too many people want them back in their country. I don’t like the TV coverage because its always about the glamour events and I like the ones that you see more than the end of the event. But, you TV its all about the ratings so that they can charge more money to advertises. This time around it’s a year late and I don’t see hotels sold out. I liked the Olympics when I was a kid where it was really armatures, that is until the US lost a basketball game. Then came the pros and there went the Olympics. Now its all about winning and not sportsmanship. Well eventually it will turn into something like the movie Roller Ball. Hey don’t forget to watch me and Antonia live on YouTube Monday nights at 8pm Daylight savings time. There are also a lot of old videos I posted as well as new ones and if you have access to Facebook or Tumblr and Twitter check out my three for free every day. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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