July 4, 2021

You know Google lets some wrong info get out there. Take for instance me looking for a new bank. I asked Google what was the best bank for people living overseas and they gave me some web site to check. Most of them listed a bank called Ally number one with Capital One 360 second as well as my present bank HSBC. Well Ally requires you to have a US address for the last 5 years, Capital One 360 requires a US address as well as a US cellphone no. And finally my present bank HSBC, which is dumping me, requires 75,000 balance in the account. I finally found an article that tells you that you can’t open a US bank account without a US address. Now I know that there are a few million American living overseas but I don’t know how many are regular joes like me. It took me days to find this out it actually took three days for Capital one to explain it to me. Now I have to look into the legality off HSBC just dumping me. I have no intention of moving back to the US because I wouldn’t be able to afford it 1437.00 dollars a month just doesn’t go as far as it used to. So look if you hear someone sneaking around your back door it just might be me. Oh,another reason I’m not going back is they won’t let me bring Antonia with me. This has been FATS and a worried ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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