March 4, 2018

I can’t do a whole post of politics today if I do I’ll throw up all over my computer. So lets talk about a little of this and that. Have you noticed the change in the technical world or are you to busy talking politics. Well I get 4 tech newsletters a day a habit I got into when I went to computer repair school. Now that diploma is worth about next to nothing. The way computers are it’s easier and cheaper to just get a new one or you can do what I did and change the operating system from windows to Linux. it’s all part of the throw away nation that we’ve become. Another thing to notice is sale advertising when it come to computers. Laptops and desktops are no longer being sold as work tools as the are gaming tools. Of the computing power of a gaming computer makes it ideal for a hacking tool. But as a research tool you have to deal with certain modifications that have been made to the keyboard. In todays world if your looking for a work computer they’re going to sell you a smart phone and then a tablet. The days of people building their own computer are also gone it become much cheaper to buy one already put together. But the fact that the advertising has gone from educational tool to basically a game shows how education is no longer a emphasis in the computer industry it’s more about occupying your time. Now if I was a conspiracy nut I would say they’re trying to brain wash our youth. Well I think thats enough disturbing thoughts for today. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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