March 13, 2018

Well I guess your all waiting to see what I’ll say about the Trumpster firing his Secretary of State, well here goes. Not only is he treating government as if it was the TV show apprentice he is once again showing that a drunk on the Bowery of New York city has more class then he does. In addition a one year old has bigger balls then him. Rex, whom I will admit was not a favorite of mind, found out he was fired by Twitter, some class Trumpster. Now we’re going to get a yes man in the office who wants to tear down the Iran Nuke deal just as much as the head asshole wants to. Now remember the rest of the world supports that deal. This fat moron is setting us up to have to deal with not one but two potential nuclear threats at once. And the people in the position of negotiators have no experience in this kind of high level negotiations. The Russians have already out foxed us and many believe it’s because of the Trumpster. I hope but doubt that the politicians in the congress and senate have the balls to not to approve these decisions and that they wake up to the fact that they have a complete idiot in charge. Based upon what I’ve read and heard this morning the rest of the world is already aware of this. This is a really pissed of Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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