March 25, 2018

You know growing up I was in awe of Presidents and politicians because of smart I thought they were. Now I’m 72 and I can’t believe what comes out of some of these so called smart people. The other thing I don’t understand is why so many people just sit around and let all this bullshit go on unchecked. It’s not just the nut job in the oval office,it others who are supposed to be intelligent. You have this ex Senator Santorum saying on CNN that the kids protesting for gun control should take CPR lessons instead. Now that’s just one example others were more restrained in their disagreement with the marchers. This is like th beginning of the anti war movement some what disorganized and basically ignored until they started get out the vote rally s and mobilized they youth of this country to end a war and they did. I worry now about people who say stop complaining and get on with your life. Well all this bullshit hs brought us closer to Nuclear War since the Cuban Misled Crisis and unless you lived through that time please refrain from commenting about it. It seems that all those in power both Democrats and Republican would like us to just sit around pay are taxes and not bother them while they play God with our lives. They’re constantly trying to deflect us from what they’re doing like trying to keep us from thinking about how they plan on paying for there multi trillion dollar spending bill after reducing revenue by a large tax cut. Well when your Social Security check doesn’t show up you’ll know how. I have very vivid memories of 14 Presidents seven Republicans and seven Democrats I start with Eisenhower and end with the Trumpster. I probably studied FDR who was dead by the time I was born more that any other President. But I’ll tell you this they all had their faults but none had as many as our current leader. I tell you if your one of these people who just want everybody else to stop complaining study history and see what happens when good people do nothing. That means you can sit back and watch history happen or you can get of your ass and be part of it.This is Flounder and Fats Saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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