March 18, 2018

I see the Trumpster’s new plan to fight drugs has the death penalty in it. Well I have a sort of split opinion on that subject. First I don’t like the argument that it is a determent to crime. It has been proven that it really isn’t especially now when you can be on death row for over ten years and then you stand a good chance of having it converted to life without parole. I am very much in favor of it as a punishment that befits the crime. I’ll go even further and say child molesters should just be shot on sight. Now I know I just pissed off a whole lot of people when I said that yo know the ones that will tell they need treatment rather then death. Well pedophilia is a non curable offense, these guys sit in jail and can’t wait to get back on the streets and find a little child same thing goes for about 99% of rapists. Now lets look at from a reality point of view. Drug dealers have lots of money so getting convictions take a lot of time and taxpayer money. It costs 1.26 million to try a death penalty case as opposed to 750,000 on a normal case. It costs about 90,000 dollars a year more that normal prisoners. The death penalty is still relativity less expensive than life in prison. But it takes a minimum of 15 years in most states to execute a prisoner thats 1,350,000 dollars of tax payer money add the cost of the trial and you around 2.6 million dollars. Now I say look at the money that these drug dealers have. Take El Chapo he’s been sitting In prison for over a year and no trial. The government wants to try him for murder but doesn’t have any witness’s to testify. They may get him for dealing and he’ll get life but with all the appeals and such it will cost the US millions to convict him mean time his organization just keeps rolling on. The Trumpster’s plan is just another costly war on drug that won’t work but will cost taxpayers million and result in a lot of small criminals doing time. This is Flounder (Yes I’m Ok for now) saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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