May 10, 2017

How about this a Wednesday special you can thank the Trumpster for this one. Last night it was announced that the Trumpster had fired the director of the FBI. That brought to three the number of people involved in the investigation of the Russian involvement in the last election who have been removed from their jobs. I’m beginning to see a pattern here and it’s probably not the one you think. The one I’m seeing is on in which we have a sitting President who doesn’t want to be in that seat. So what’s he to do resigning isn’t his style but if he makes it look like the world is against him and his Republican buddies get to hold on to their jobs maybe he can get rid of some people and get impeached. That way he doesn’t quit his supporters will still support him and he gets to tweet bad things about the Democrats and play golf all day. Wow what a friggin mess we’re in. How did this start? Well I’ll tell you. I blame it on the election of Obama. Why you say? Because, as the first Black President, he by his mere presence in the Oval Office, pissed off a lot of the country, especially Donald Trump (also known more commonly as the Trumpster). The Trumpster has an unhealthy hatred for Obama and the Clintons. I’m not sure of all the reasons but I would suggest because he believes he’s smarter than any Black man and he isn’t about to let a woman tell him what to do. Here’s hoping he does get impeached and soon then maybe just maybe we’ll be able to save what’s left of the good old USA. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    he seems to be painting himself into a corner with no way out – and maybe his party will man up.


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