May 21, 2017


Guess what it Flounders Birthday today and he’s seventeen which makes him 84 in human years. I don’t think too many of you out there know his whole story so here goes. He was born in the parking lot of what was the home of the NJ Nets basketball team and the New Jersey Devils ice hockey team. When he was around 8 months old he was found by New Jersey goalie Martin Brodeur and brought to the East Rutherford Animal shelter. Now here you must remember Flounder was what is referred to as a feral cat. That means he’s basically a wild animal but he was cute and was soon adopted. From what I know about that and his second adoption they did not go well as his wild instincts were in control. So in 2000 he ended up at the Mount Pleasant animal shelter on Rt10 in Hanover New Jersey. They don’t euthanize animals there. I was looking for a cat to replace my Cockatiel Danny who had been with me for 11 years and had died suddenly. I felt a cat was a good replacement because they’re very independent. Well I ended up leaving with two cats one was an all white one named Sabastian and of course my Tuxedo buddy Flounder. They couldn’t of been more different Flounder hiding in my closet Sabastian a real people cat. I didn’t try to force Flounder to be more domesticated I let him stay in the closet. I even moved a litter box in there for him and even fed him there. I was going to let him decide if he wanted to come out and be part of the family. It took almost two years before he abandoned the closet and would come out. You still couldn’t pick him up if you valued your skin. He had this unique way of bringing his rear legs up and raking his claws along your forearms. Now about then I met my soon to be wife Rubiela she wasn’t and still isn’t what you would call a real animal lover and as it turned out was having a allergic reaction to the boys. So it was decided one would have to go back to Mt Pleasant shelter. I chose Sabastian for a couple of reasons one he was the more friendly of the two and I knew he wouldn’t have to wait long to find a new home. The other reason was I had originally gone to adopt Flounder from his picture on the internet. Now after just short of 17 years together Flounder’s not afraid of people and loves to cuddle with me and watch TV. Flounder sleeps about twenty hours a day if you want him up just start cooking chicken and he will be at you side crying in an instant. I don’t know how much time he and I have together or who will outlive who but till then he remains my inspiration for writing this blog and my best friend. So let me end this post with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY Flounder here’s hoping we have a few left in us. CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    Happy Birthday Flounder – what a life story you have and luckily your best friend Jeff found you. I had a cat that lived till twenty and I have friends who had even older than twenty so I would say you and Jeff have many more years together.


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