March 19, 2017

Well I’ve come to a decision. I ‘am no longer listening to anything that comes out of the Trumpster mouth unless it’s the words I resign. He is the ultimate charlatan, trickster, swindler, cheat, con artist. He listening to him reminds me of standing on a New York subway station platform watching a street performer while his partner sneaks up behind and steals your wallet. If you don’t want to be that person you must pay attention to what the Congress and Senate are doing. You must pay attention to both parties. You must watch for attachments to bills (called riders). If you insist on keeping this two party system you party must chose wisely. That doesn’t mean Hillary or any other old school politician. The world is changing right before our eyes and its time that we caught up to it before it’s out of our reach. The Trumpster and his minions for whatever selfish reasons are trying desperately trying to set the country on a backwards trajectory. The Trumpster has no empathy for anyone he wishes only to make as much money as possible so he can influence how we think. He is a hypocrite as evidenced by his appointments to his cabinet and staff. He uses his position to make money. A clear example of this is his weekend trips to Mar a lago where we pay for him to go and pay the hotel which his family owns to stay there. A really good example of his shell game is his claim that ex President Obama wire tapped him, now there are sadly some people whose hatred of the first black President is so great they actually believe this bullshit. The Native Americans have a saying for this “He Speak with Forked Tongue”. Everyday this man is out there saying his bullshit is another day that I feel embarrassed for this country. Well I’ve got to go and watch some basketball so this Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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