March 12, 2017

Some of the greatest scientific minds in the world are predicting dire things for the human race as the Trumpster and other billionaires say bull shit. I for one don’t think it matters much what we do since we’re the most self destructive life on this planet. Is this surprising to you? The human race is the only animal on the planet that kills for sport. We’ve even been known to hunt our fellow human beings. In our lust for money, power or the more innocent sounding better life we destroy those things that are necessary to our own survival. We listen to our elder’s say we’re just trying to secure a better future for our children. I call bull shit on this one. Because if it isn’t greed, that motivates some of these ridicules decisions then it’s out and out stupidity. I’m going to go with both. If you look around the world you can see destructive behavior in every country. The leaders all say it’s for progress again I call bull shit. Eliminating a species is not progress that species served a purpose in supporting this planet and us. I’ve heard people say that for every species that goes extinct a new one is born. That saying is based on various forms of a physics theory that states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. This has been expressed as Karma, what goes around comes around, or yin and yang. So these people destroying a species say see the planet takes care of itself. The problem is that the new species may bot serve the same purpose as the one that it’s replacing. An example would be the honey bee or brown bat one helps pollinate our plants the other helps control insects like mosquitoes. There is nothing that shows that the replacement for the honey bee will be a pollinating flying insect or that what replaces the bat will eat insects. The other worry some thing is that this theory is based on natural extinction not manmade extinction. This is part of what makes us the most self destructive race on this planet. It’s our lack of thought our carelessness and our complete lack of empathy for the very planet which gives us life.
Ok I’ve managed to depress myself on this rainy Sunday morning so I’ll say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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