This one is for my friends in Colombia. The presidents plane got shot at and hit the other day and I’m not sure he wasn’t trying to distract people from the Covid crisis in this country. There were from last Sunday till yesterday 208,992 new case of Covid in the country. This is in a country of 50 million people. In the last 4 weeks 758279 new cases have been reported with 16307 deaths. The country is completely open, vaccinations are going on at a snails pace. The thing about vaccination is if you have money or know somebody it’s no problem otherwise it means standing in long lines. My wife’s son had a 3:30 appointment for his first shot the other day and had to wait till almost 8:00 before he got the shot and it’s three months till the second one. This President is worse than Trump when it comes to ignoring the virus. I guess it’s because the people dying are poor and his rich friends are vaccinated or living abroad so they don’t have to worry. This country is great at ignoring two of its main population groups, the elderly and the poor. The Government isn’t the only ones at fault here the people do the same thing. This is a beautiful country but it has a very dark side. This is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

Este es para mi amigos en Colombia. El avión del presidente recibió un disparo y lo golpearon el otro día y no estoy seguro de no estar tratando de distraer a la gente de la crisis de Covid en este país. Desde el pasado Domingo hasta ayer se registraron 208.992 nuevos casos de Covid en el país. Esto es en un país de 50 millones de habitantes. En las últimas 4 semanas, se han reportado 758279 nuevos casos con 16307 muertes. El país está completamente abierto, las vacunaciones se hacen a paso de tortuga. Lo que pasa con la vacunación es que si tienes dinero o conoces a alguien, no hay problema; de lo contrario, significa hacer largas filas. El hijo de mi esposa tenía una cita a las 3:30 para su primera inyección el otro día y tuvo que esperar hasta casi las 8:00 antes de recibir la inyección y faltan tres meses para la segunda. Este presidente es peor que Trump cuando se trata de ignorar el virus. Supongo que se debe a que las personas que mueren son pobres y sus amigos ricos están vacunados o viven en el extranjero, por lo que no tienen que preocuparse. Este país es excelente para ignorar a dos de sus principales grupos de población, los ancianos y los pobres. El Gobierno no es el único culpable aquí la gente hace lo mismo. Este es un país hermoso pero tiene un lado muy oscuro. Habla FATS y ANTONIA diciendo CIAO de Medellín, Colombia

Have you ever stopped to think how big companies almost force you to do business a certain way or with a certain company. If you read my last Blog you know I have banking issues and need to change banks. Well I thought I found a good one one when I was going over the requirements for new accounts I found that I had to use Microsoft windows version 7 or better. Well guess what I don’t use Windows I use Linux. This really upset me because banks use Ubunto for their servers and that is what Linux is. I didn’t bother trying to talk to the bank I just moved on. But you see this everyday when your shopping. If you use this credit card you’ll get this discounted price. That’s a joke by the time you pay it off you’ll be paying more for it. The argument is that you don’t have to use your money now, well we all know the rest of this story. How about food shopping when they tell you buy this and get this for cheap. Every where you go you see signs telling you what you should do from vote for me to which car to buy. No matter how much you think you think for yourself your really not. Look at the Q anon folks spreading BS to get you to do something you really don’t want to, and it works. Life isn’t getting better but it sure is getting more complicated. This has been FATS and ANTONIA now saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

OK it’s Sunday shall we begin. I’d like to talk about my bank HSBC. The only reason I have an account with them is because of a friend Jeff Zoba. He got me the account when I left because HSBC had a office in Colombia. Well first they didn’t work with US banks so I had to have my money deposited in the US and then go to their office down here open another account in order to access my money. Shortly after that the office was sold to a crook who owns at least 1 % of every bank in Colombia. This was right after HSBC was busted in Mexico for laundering money for the drug cartels. Next, they took away all my perks changed my account transferred my friend to another branch. They also threatened to close the account if I didn’t accept the changes. Well I couldn’t afford to fly up and change banks so I accepted the changes. I called Jeff and he said there was nothing he could do because he was no longer handling my account, needless to say he doesn’t get a Christmas greeting from me anymore. That brings up to now when I got an Email from the bank telling me they were no longer in the retail banking business and unless I wanted to maintain a 76,000 dollar balance I would be transferred to another bank. That bank was Citizens which had no branches that were convenient even if I was to fly back. So now I’m looking for a bank that will accept me without a US address wish me luck and watch your bank closely. This has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

June 6, 2021


No politics today, instead lets talk about the music industry. As you know I do a three for free series of posts on YouTube 7 days a week. The posts consist of the song by the same artist or artists. They are usually from a few years ago. I do Rock, Classic Rock, Oldies, and the Blues. The old music videos are pretty much a group of or individual performing the material with some background stuff going on. The music, though takes center stage. You can understand the words, the harmony is great, and the background is subtle for the most part, unlike today’s music that is more about the show and T and A, what’s T and A you say Tits and Ass. I guess when MTV came around, and music videos became the way to sell an artist, that’s when sex became the selling point. I think good looking guys and girls always sold. I mean the Beatles weren’t about sex the were about the music they just happened to be four good looking guys wit a management team that was willing to spend money. Years later it was proven that when they arrived in New York 200 teenage girls were paid to run at them screaming, later they didn’t have to pay them. I don’t think young men are shelling out a hundred or so dollars to hear Beyonce sing it’ s more about what she is or isn’t wearing. You know I love Rock and Roll but I miss going to the bar and seeing up and coming people such as Janis Ian, Bruce, and the Young Raskels just playing their music, Maybe I’m just old anyhow this is FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

Well, you know what this week reminds me of? That line in the God Father movies where Pacino say just when I think I’m out the draw me back in, that’s how I feel when I have to talk about Trump and the Republicans. I try not to talk about them but they continue to try and destroy Democracy. They have proven that the threat to this country isn’t from Russia,China, North Korea, or the Mid East it’s sitting in Bedminster NJ and it’s name is Donald Trump. For people who Profess they wish to make this country great again they sure are trying to fuck it up. For those of you that don’t think this can happen, just look at history. Every great society has toppled yes some have been invade but most are destroyed from within. Greed the desire for power and the trampling of human rights are the true causes of collapse. If you want to see what the US might look like in ten years look at Cuba and Venezuela and you’ll know. The people that politicians like to refer to as the silent majority need to wake the fuck up stop worrying about the price of gas and start worrying are they going to be able to complain about it without going to jail. Everything we take for granted is at stake now even if we don’t want to think so. When people start to believe lies and not the truth Democracy is lost. This has been FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. By the way Ruby thanks everyone for the birthday wishes

Good morning to you all. Well, I’m ready so lets go. The Republican party is trying to stop the Bi-Partisan Committee on the insurrection of Jan 6 from happening and people want to know why. The reasons are fairly obvious they don’t want to see proof that they are wrong. They don’t want to see Kevin McCarthy have to listen to his own voice proving he’s full of shit. They don’t want to explain how Marjorie Taylor Greene got elected in a state where they think the election was rigged for Democrats. These goings on are once again proving that the two party system is failing the people of this country and that line Jack used “ The truth you can’t stand the truth is becoming a reality in politics. I had hoped , in what has turned my naive optimism, that I would be writing about politics now but those ass holes just had to prove me wrong. I don’t think the Mafia was as afraid of Gotti as the Republicans are of Trump. The thing is he’s a fat lying ex President with more legal problems than anyone else in this country. So, what is it that he has over these people If they have Presidential aspirations they should know he’s never going to let that happen. He’ll run his kids first. I think Mitchell and McCarthy fear that if he goes down they’re questionable acts will be brought out into the daylight. OK. I’ve had my fill of this for the day so, this is FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


May 16, 2021

Well the Republicans fired good old Liz this week in what was, one of their dumbest moves yet. They took a person who had supported Trump 93% of the time and because she spoke the truth and voted in the Public interest she gets fired. Well, with everything else the Republicans say and do this doesn’t surprise me. They are also supporting changes in state election laws that will enable state officials o defy the will of the electorate. What I don’t understand is how these people can give up on their own beliefs and political aspirations in favor of supporting an a man who would be king. They also are willing to believe whatever he says without a shred of proof. It does not bode well for Democracy is he or one of his children gains a position of leadership in this country. This makes all decisions by Biden greatly important and that they be right. Never in my lifetime have I seen an internal threat to our way of life like I see today. I hope Liz can get reelected and brings her common sense and decency back. I may not agree with everything she says or does but at least it wont’s be a lie. This has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

Well today is Mothers Day and we wish everyone a happy day. Did you know that in politics Mother is only half a word, at least according to Trump. We won’t be going there today. I got my second vaccination shot on Saturday and my wife got her first. I got Sinovac and she got Pfizer. We went to two different places. Her second shot is not scheduled to the end of June, which seems like a long time to me. All the violent protesting seems to be over down here for now. They got the tax plan canceled and caused the farmers and the locals pain. I can see food prices going up now. It looks like the possibility of world wide inflation is rearing its ugly head. Nobody seems to mention that ugly word inflation but instead just say prices are rising and there are shortages in the supply chain. The funny thing is the previous do nothing President is still saying nothing except he won. if he runs in 2024, and I’m still alive, and he wins I might have to give up my citizenship, it would be to hard to be part of a country that could elect that ass hole twice. So as I said at the top I’m fully vaccinated but down here that don’t mean shit. I’m still restricted as to when and where I can go, but if I take Antonia I can go anywhere I want vaccinated or not. Yes, Colombia is a strange place. This has been ANTONIA anf FATS saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


May 2, 2021

Well I was supposed to get my second vaccine shot yesterday, but when we got to the clinic it was closed. They were afraid of political protests. So after spending cab fair we had to turn around and go home. I have no idea when we’ll get the second shot, hopefully they will call us on Monday. The protests have resulted in 6 people dying, 5 civilians and one police officer. They were protesting reform which included increases in taxes. Today the President rescinded the plan. Politics in this country is more screwed up then the US but not by much. The leading candidate in the next election is an ex mayor of Bogota, and ex rebel,he was almost indited when he was mayor. You know how I say there’s no such thing as an honest politician in the US, well that goes double down here. If this country actually stopped cocaine production it wold go bankrupt in a week. I had heard last week that they had run out of vaccine for the first shot but that they had enough for the second shots. I just hope nobody sold it yet. I read that it will take something like 640 days for this country to reach 70% vaccinated. that’s worse then America with Trump in charge. Well Antonia and me are going to take a nap so we’ll say this has been FATS and ANTONIA saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

You know I do a thing called Three For Free on YouTube everyday. The last week I did obscure Blues artists. Today, however I did George Harrison and that got me thinking, what would George and John think about the world now. I would like to think that if they had stayed around a little longer maybe this place wouldn’t be so fucked up now. Having Martin along wouldn’t hurt either. These people were truly caring people that , although they cold be classified as old Hippies, had some really good ideas. They spread their message all over the world and young and old listened. There aren’t a lot of people out there today that can say that. There messages were all of peace and love not violence. I remember when they shot John, it seemed as if the world stood still and cried, I know I did. What has happened to us, that has made us lose hope and direction. Where did all this hate come from. How did we pick leaders that had no idea how to lead. I don’t have any answers to these questions. I, like you can only sit and watch and wonder will we survive. I think we had a great chance back in the day and we blew it. I got nothing else today. Be sure to catch me live on YouTube live tomorrow night at 8pm daylight savings time or 7pm standard. You can also check out my three for free everyday as well as posted videos on YouTube. This has been FATS and Antonia saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.