April 23, 2014

images_cms-image-000001233Well here goes Colombian politics again. They just reinstated for the second time the mayor of Bogota the second most powerful position in Colombia. He had been ousted for mismanagement which I guess is a nice way of saying corruption. His name is Gustavo Petro and he’s an ex member of M19 a gorilla group that disbanded and decide to be politicians instead (the money was better). This means that he committed violent acts against the government he now works for and by violent acts I mean he’s probably responsible for some fellow Colombians dying. This reinstatement took place after the president had just replaced his replacement. Man you cannot make this shit up. Now nobody knows what’s going to happen but one thing we know for sure is the political gamesmanship and corruption will continue and that means all us Bloggers down here will have plenty of material. This is flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia

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