April 30, 2014

Vietnam_American_war_1974What exactly if war good for? I mean look at Hitler he goes and starts World War 2 because he didn’t like the way World War 1 ended didn’t work out to well for him did it? Then we have the North and South Korea a lot got accomplished with that one didn’t it. Next we have a little something called Viet Nam first the French get there ass kicked pretty good then America comes along and when all is said and done 50 something thousand American men and women are dead. Things stay pretty quiet for awhile the Sadam decides he want to own some strip of sand called Kuwait that didn’t go as planned then another guy blows up the world trade center in New York city and America is back in Iraq spends a few years there tries to leave and nothing’s really changed At the same time we’re in Afghanistan looking for the guy who blew up the trade center 10 years later he’s dead but the country is still nothing but a pile of rocks. Let’s go further back to the American civil war which wasn’t about slavery but was about states right to govern themselves. Now that little disagreement cost 625,000 dead and 452,200 wounded and they were all Americans and the states are still pissed at each other. I could go on and on but most people will say like fro WW 2 that we won but that’s not the point somebody has to start this shit before anybody can win and for somebody nothing changes or in some cases it gets worse. So the answer to the question WAR WHATS IT REALLY GOOD FOR is ABSOLUTLEY NOTHING. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia

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