February 7, 2017

7d724ea93d65b85d59d0bcb272548fd4I just read an Interview in Rolling Stone with Joan Baez. For those of you too young to remember she was a leading voice in the Anti War, Anti Draft movement. She brought up an interesting point all the people that are protesting now are doing so for different reasons. I think what she’s trying to tell us is that if were to unite against the Trumpster and his minions and work together we could end his attempt to turn America into his private fiefdom. I feel that if we start taking on the issues one at a time you give the advantage of fracturing us into little manageable groups but if like in the 60’s we unite as one he won’t be able to handle it and our representatives will have to listen. He’ll become so frustrated he’ll make the mistake that will bring him down. All tyrants are afraid of one thing a united people opposing them. The Trumpster uses his Twitter to send messages to distract you he attacks refugees and everyone reacts while he pushes his education policies and removes restraints on Wall Street. His supporters defend his immigration moves while he screws them on his promise to take on Wall Street. He’s like a magician using sleight of hand so you only see what he wants you to see, this succeeds in keeping us from uniting as one. We must look for leaders who will bring the change the country wants and needs without destroying our basic principles. If we don’t do this and do it soon we will find ourselves living in a country none of will recognize. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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