February 6, 2017

603101_10200262962761274_1667488794_nOk it’s the day after and I’m still getting grief from some friends for comments I made right after the game. So let me tell you what I said so you guys can jump on me too don’t worry about hurting my feelings I live for this shit. I write my opinions so you guys have something to talk about. Anyway last night I asked how a guy can throw passes behind or short to his receivers, who were doing their job and getting open, and then all of a sudden start throw laser darts to them. Now I know Brady is either no 1 or 2 in history depending o who you talk to. But I have watched the Patriots for a long time and I have watched Bill Belicheck since he was defensive coach for Bill Parcells and have never seen them come back from what was a horrible performance. You really have to look closely at the play to see that his velocity and his aim were both off. I don’t think he uses drugs but something changed and having seen more football then most of you and have played and watched my brother play you just don’t see stuff like that. I have no ax to grind here I mean I was ready to turn of the game and watch the BBC because up till then the most exciting thing I saw was the Lady Gaga half time show (we don’t get the Super Bowl commercials down here and the game is covered by Mexican announcers who have absolutely no understanding of the game). So know it’s you turn to take your shots at me and don’t worry me and Flounder can take it. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin (who won their game last night), Colombia.

One Response to “IT’STHE DAY AFTER”

  1. valerie said

    I think I had the same feeling about Brady how the hell was he so off and then had that comeback amazing – probably adrenaline kicked in.


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