February 14, 2017

img_20170122_0001You know this being Valentine’s Day and all I happened to notice something and I’m not sure what it means. Women seem to be more likely to accept and pass on false news. Now I don’t know if that meant they have a tendency to read other news sources or they’re just having fun with us guys. I have a friend that didn’t appear on the internet except once or twice a year now all of a sudden she’s posting stuff five and six times a day. The sad thing is she posts it in rebuttal to post other friends put up opposing the Trumpster. I find this strange because she was always a fighter for women’s rights and equal pay. So when she stars supporting the Trumpster’s ban on Muslims and the wall I find it contra to the woman I knew. My only answer for this is she was always a closet racist. Another mutual friend who if I remember right was gay as can be is now supporting the Trumpster now he I believe is a racist and maybe that trumps being gay. Anyhow this was just some mid week musings; this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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