February 12, 2017

time-to-end-the-two-party-system-republicrats-and-democansWell the NFL season is officially over but the political bullshit season is still in full bloom. As you know if you have read any of my political posts I pretty much hate and don’t trust any of them. I think the Trumpster is nothing more than a distraction to keep America from seeing the real issues and it seems to be working. Now I don’t profess to have answers I just throw out opinions and facts t see what you guys think about this or that. But I’ve come to realize that our two party system is stuck and as a result a person like the Trumpster became President. So what do I propose you ask? I don’t really know but one answer might be the Social Democrats of Bernie Sanders. I do know that Hillary is not the answer. She’s a career Democrat and they hate Republican ideas simply because there Republican and the Republicans are the same with Democrats. This has resulted in a in effective House and Senate for awhile now. The other problem is that these guys have been around so long and have their faces clued to the assholes of corporate America hat they have forgotten they work for us not the other way around. Now I’ve mentioned Bernie Sanders nut he might not be the answer it might well be someone we haven’t even heard about yet. But one thing is for we can’t keep having Democrats or the Republicans but forth things like Health Care or immigration and other major issues and then have the other party we need to get rid of this because it was the other guy’s idea. I think the possibility of a third party with the backing of the public and not the corporations might be the answer to getting something’s done that won’t be getting changed every four to eight years. I can hear people out there screaming that this will just create chaos well maybe that what we need because it’s becoming increasingly obvious to people from everywhere that this is just not working anymore. I’ll have more on this as I become more familiar with what is out there. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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