February 5, 2017

super-bowl-li-factsOk no political bullshit today I’m bored talking about it we’ll be back during the week. For now though it’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY, probably the next biggest party day of the year. The two teams this year are The New England Patriots (No Surprise There) and the Atlanta Falcons (A Little Surprise Here). Most sports people are picking the Patriots over the Falcons, personally I don’t care I just want an exciting game. Most years you sit around and wait for the commercials or the halftime show. I say this with some knowledge having watched all fifty previous games. The first one Jan 15, 1967 the Day before my 21st birthday. I watched the game in a recreation room of a basic training company at Fort Dix New Jersey. Known fondly to those of that were there as the ass hole of the world. The following day was my first day of basic training as well as my 21st birthday. Hell of a way to celebrate it right! I haven’t found anybody else who has seen all 50 games, look at Chris Berman he’s only been involved in 35. Maybe John Madden he’s been around long enough, but I don’t know if watched the one he wasn’t involved in. Having seen as I have said all 50 previous games, I have no trouble in saying Super Bowl 23 in 1988 was the best. by the time Montana started his game wining 92 yard drive I had all ready won my over under bet, so I just sat back and watched him weave his magic. Now you might say there have been better games and I will agree, but not Super Bowl Games. Montana called his own plays in the game something most quarterbacks in today’s world aren’t capable of. So I guess you can figure who my vote for the greatest QB of all time is. Now back to today’s game as I said most people are picking the Patriots if I was to make a prediction I would say a boring Falcons victory. Well that’s it lets hope for a great game and Lady Gaga does something extraordinary during the halftime show. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

One Response to “IT’S SUPER BOWL SUNDAY”

  1. valerie said

    I watched from beginning to end and the steelers weren’t even in it I thought is was so exciting I did want the falcons to win but when it was tied and overtime I turned it off and went to bed kind of like election night knew what was going to happen and it did.


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