April 2, 2017

Over 250 people have died this week in Colombia as a result of heavy rains which cause massive flooding and landslides. I’ve read where the government says the residents had plenty of ample warning. If this is true why are so many dead? Well first there’s the distrust of the government, then there’s the, we’ll be safe here they probably mean over there but certainly not here. For centuries humans respected even feared Mother Nature but as time went on and science began to study her Mother Nature seemed less and lees scary. People started to believe that story that lightening doesn’t strike twice in the same place. So with the aid of science we decided that if this river flooded here once we could build on its banks without fear of it doing it again. Well the first clue that this was bullshit came from the insurance industry in the United States refusing to insure people against floods in these areas. Of course people said this was just a ploy to make people pay more money for insurance. Another clue ignored by us humans was the geological history of an area. Again we humans felt well it hasn’t happened a second time since I’ve been alive it probably won’t happen again. I like the one where they bring in the engineers like the US ARMY core of engineers and they build some retaining walls and smile and say it’s ok now, ask the people of New Orleans how that worked out for them. Two of the most destructive forces on this planet aren’t nuclear bombs but wind and water. The sad thing about this is that the people who suffer the most are the one that really can’t afford it. They live by the side of rivers for the old fashion reasons food and water. Or simply because it’s the only place they could afford their own home. Once a disaster such as the one in Colombia the news people are the first on the scene in their sharp clothes and with cameras and mike shoving them n the face of the victims so that they may get on the 6 o’clock news. Next come the politicians flying in, in helicopters that would be better served assisting in the rescue operations, to say this is a disaster (like we didn’t know this already) don’t worry we’ll give you all the assistance you need. Again ask the people of Haiti or New Orleans how that went. I fear that people like the Trumpster and others will ignore Mother Nature, and her warnings in order to make themselves popular and richer until it’s too late to stop the consequences. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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