April 16, 2017

It’s Easter Sunday and we all know the story weather you’re Christian or not. Now this story takes place on the African continent and it says the Jesus sacrificed his life for the rest of us. Now you know that Jesus is the big guy in the Catholic Church right. Well as he was born a Jew and later started his own ministry or that’s how the story goes. Christianity goes along with this and somewhere along the line the Catholic Church came along. This about the time that men started making the rules of the church which like the United States Supreme Court and the constitution are still doing now. The thing I don’t understand is the Christian world still calls the area the Holy land. Now this part of the world has been disputed since before Jesus. But part is still claimed by the Jews the rest by the Arabs. Now the question arises if Jesus was born a Jew, which it seems all historians agree with, and he started his own thing then Christianity was started by a man. It’s funny that those who were merely men are now called Saints and God has chosen to only speak to certain people. And God might be a Jew, or a Muslim, even a Catholic but if this is the case why is he telling everybody something different. This is the biggest religious celebration in Colombia not Christmas which would celebrate his birth. Could this be because he was born a Jew? Down everybody goes to church just like Passover for the Jews where they ask for forgiveness for all the crap they did the year before. Down here there are many, many processions through the streets. The Churches are filled to over flowing. Now when I was a boy we celebrated Christmas with the same vigor making sure we attended midnight mass (which I understand has been cancelled I many churches) it was a very serious time for Catholics. Now down here Christmas is a huge party where people try to see how drunk they can get. I haven’t been to a Christmas day Mass in years and I don’t think I want to. It would probably be just old people and drunks that couldn’t find their way home and stopped in for a nap. People are now in the process of killing each other to see which God is right. I got a flash for those people none of you are right. Whatever being is out there I can guarantee you he is not in favor of how this world is going. If I was him I’d pull the plug on us write it off as a mistake and go somewhere and start all over again. This is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia and can’t we just all get along.

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