April 30, 2017

You know I just read a story about ESPN laying off a whole bunch of on air personalities and saying there are more changes to come. They said they did this because of lost revenue stemming from people getting away from cable. Now this mean in a lot of cases, not all, people are watching for free. To me this is just another case of somebody telling me what I like or don’t like. In most of the cases where I was familiar with the show or people getting laid off I thought the people were boring and not very knowledgeable. Or maybe it’s that they just don’t like the products that are being offered in the ads and that’s why they’re not watching anymore. Just recent one of the other stations demoted a football analyst by the name of Phil Simms. He was an x Super Bowl quarter back from the New York Giants. Since I had watched his whole career I felt he was very overrated both as a player and TV guy. But you know our opinions don’t mean much unless were a sponsor and there research guys say hey nobody like this guy. Then and only then will they remove them I think instead of removing these guys and canceling their shows maybe it ws just time to put somebody in there with a touch more credibility or pizzazz but what do I know I’m just a cat. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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