April 9, 2017

Well welcome to another Sunday. This one is Palm Sunday and the final day of the Masters Golf tournament. Now these two things don’t really excite me. It’s also a couple of days since the Trumpster sent missiles into Seria. I am always fascinated when the Christian world decides that they need to get involved in the Arab world. Go back to the Crusades when the pope at the time said we needed to get the Muslims or Arabs out of the Holy Land. That ended up in a draw of sorts. We always seem to get excited after the fact and we created most of the crap that’s going on over there. But let’s get back to the early times. This thing about the Holy Land wasn’t Jesus born not only a Jew but an Arab as well. I mean he didn’t start Christianity it was Peter and Paul and they didn’t start it in Egypt did they? Now I could be wrong on this but it just seems to me if you’re going to call it the Holy land shouldn’t you have your headquarters there and not in Italy? Now let’s come forward a few hundred years and you see the British are back invading and colonizing along with the rest of Europe. Now that didn’t work out well for them and eventually they got there ass’s kicked and left. Now as we approach today we see Russia, the US, and other non Arab countries getting involved because of something called oil. And we led the screw up over there we supported the Shaw of Iran against Iraq then when Khomeini kicked the Shaw out and then took over the American embassy we decided to support Saddam Hussein a lovely depot if ever there was one. Eventually he pissed the world off and he was killed off essentially removing stabilization form the area. Now this may come as a shock to those of you that slept through US History in school but back in the days before Apple and texting way back when this country was first starting out we had some serious problems over there. Iran was called Persia back in those days and they had a history of taking what wasn’t there’s. This particular time it was Persian Pirates that were causing the problem and an American sea captain by the name of John Paul Jones went over there and wrote the first words of the Marine core hymn. So do you see my point yet? This shit has been going on over there since before the bible and the Trumpster and his cruise missiles or Putin and his big mouth aren’t going to change anything except the name of the people who hate us. Look I could go on and on but I got the end of the Masters and a Bass fishing tournament to watch so I’ll just say this is Flounder and Fats saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.


  1. valerie said

    good blog


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