Kid discovers test for Pancreatic Cancer

May 24, 2012

It’s  Thursday and Jeff and I just got through reading an article about a High School Freshman who invented a cheap 97% percent plus accurate test for Pancreatic Cancer, don’t we spend a few billion dollars a year on cancer research and see little results that the average person could afford, and here’s a kid coming up with this. I think there’s some inherently wrong with our society when there are brilliant young people out there that can come with these ideas and for the most part are pushed aside by the big drug companies as being too young to know anything. All I can say is CONGRATULATIONS kid don’t let those big companies screw you. Only one more day until the weekend anybody doing anything good let me know. I guess I have to admit my birthday is finally over now it’s time for everybody else to have there’s and celebrate. Hari got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and woke up anybody who was still sleeping, man that kids loud for a little guy. Sense me and Jeff had to get up early I’m going to take a nap I have no idea what Jeff is going to do Ciao.

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