A little Birthday Celebration

May 29, 2012

So last night Jeff, Ruby, John, Vanessa and of course Hari all went out for ice cream to celebrate Ruby’s birthday and when they got back the rest of the birthday family was there Hader and Nelida seems like there was a little confusion in the communication department, But all turned out good in the end. John says soccer is over for he and Hader until August when the league will start up again, until then they’ll have to be satisfied with the Colombia national team and the European team. Some guy living below John has brought a puppy into his house and it does nothing but cries all the time it sounds like it’s in a cage and is very scared and lonely. This guy better do something soon Jeff does not like to see any animals mistreated and he’s liable to do something he’ll regret soon. I think the guy will regret it more if Jeff gets his hands on him, that’s what I like about Jeff he protects us animals from ass holes. Well it was a late night last night so I’m headed for an early nap Ciao.

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