It’s only Tuesday

May 22, 2012

Well yesterday was another snooze Jeff and Ruby went for a walk to the liquor store Mauricio owns only to find him not there but his girlfriend was working so they hung out for awhile and then walked back the house. They spotted an Iguana hanging out in the sun in a small lot, it’s funny they hadn’t seen one for a long time and suddenly they seem to be everywhere. They’re pretty big so I hope they’re all vegetarians but somehow I doubt it, I hope they don’t bring one home as a guest, Nah that would never happen Ruby would definitely not permit it. No soccer last night, oh Hader and Juan Pablo came for diner that’s always cool. Ruby made lentils and meatballs and as always it was very good, you know I don’t eat people food but Jeff said it was good. Hari got here late today and he hung out for awhile he was a little quiet and I don’t know why granted I’m not complaining just thought I’d mention it. We had a shower here yesterday where the sky got black real fast the rain came down like a hurricane for about a minute and a half then it was gone and the sun came out, the weather is sure getting weird right now it’s cloudy and hot and humid so I guess we can expect another storm any time now. It’s that time again where I go and take a nap Ciao.


May 21, 2012

It’s Monday but down here it’s a holiday so while you suckers are off to work we’ll be kicking back and trying to get rid of a hangover. Everybody sort of just chilled out yesterday so not too much to report although Jeff did repeat a funny story from when we first got here and sense it doesn’t include me I’ll repeat it. The first night they had dinner in their new home Ruby cooked and wanted to make something simple sense they hadn’t received a lot of the kitchen stuff yet, she also wanted to make something that was from America so Jeff wouldn’t feel to home sick. She decided on hot dogs a traditional American food and easy to cook and serve, she went about in happy mood and Jeff was really looking forward to it. When it was ready, Jeff told Ruby how much he appreciated her doing that for him, Jeff grabbed on proceeded to put mustard on it and took a big bite. The look on his face prompted Ruby to ask what’s wrong, Jeff said they seem to be a little tuff like un editable tuff Ruby got all apologetic and then Jeff realized the problem. All hot dogs sold in Colombia are wrapped individually in plastic wrap; Ruby had forgotten to take the wrap of the dogs so they were tough because of well done plastic wrap. Ruby’s face was as red as could be and Jeff couldn’t stop laughing and that was Ruby’s first cooked meal for her husband in their new Colombian home. Thank god my food doesn’t have to be cooked; Oh don’t worry she remembers the plastic now and she really is a great cook. All this food talk as made me hungry I’m getting something to eat Ciao.

May 20, 2012

It’s Sunday and everybody just got up sp I was able to get some well needed rest. Jeff and Ruby along with John went to see the Avenger movie last night; they went to the 9:30 show so that they could see it in English and 3D. They had a great time even Ruby liked the movie the only drawback was John had a flat and Jeff and Ruby had to take a cab home while john went to have his tire fixed. That meant it was well after midnight when they got and fortunately my party had ended already, those lizards can’t party like they used to. Jeff’s nephew had his senior prom this weekend he looked really good maybe to good it looked like from his photo he got all the girls at least we know he doesn’t suffer from his grandfathers shyness, anyway congratulations to his parents it looks like they came up with a winner. Jeff managed to pick the right team in the Championship of the Champions league yesterday, he had Chelsea and they won in a great game that went to a penalty shoot out. That may not sound very exciting to Americans who like American football and all its commercials, but to the rest of the world yesterday was a great day. The clouds are here early today, it’s been raining mostly at night lately, and tomorrow is a holiday I don’t know why and I really don’t care it just means another day I don’t have to get up early. I don’t think anybody is going to do anything today so I’m going back to sleep Ciao

Saturday morning and I barely survived last night. Jeff and Ruby had everybody over to play Uno by everybody I mean Camilo, Hari, John and his lovely wife Vanessa, Hader and Juan Pablo so they made enough noise so that no one heard my partying in the closet with the Lizards. I got tell you I must be getting old that catnip kicked my ass. Tonight Jeff, John and Ruby are going to the movies to see the Avengers in 3D so they won’t be back until around midnight and you know what that means PARTY boy I hope I can survive this month long birthday party cause next year I’m just going to drag my old body over to the window and chill. Tomorrow looks like a rest and relax day for everybody so I can really let my hair down tonight because no one will be getting up early to bother me. Jeff and Ruby are getting ready to go shopping so it’s a good time for me to take a nap Ciao.


May 18, 2012

Well it’s Friday and I slept late to get ready to party tonight I don’t know what anybody else is going to do but I’m ready to party hardy. Jeff and Ruby aren’t going anywhere this weekend so I might be sneaking the cat nip in the closet and I guess I’ll have to use earphones for my music, I hate headphones they mess up my hair and if there anything a cat doesn’t like it’s having his hair messed up. There is a possibility that they may go to watch the parajumpers on the mountain Mauricio and Camilo were talking about going and jumping and they wanted Jeff to bring his camera to record it. Jeff thinks there nuts but they are young and do drink a lot maybe they’ll appreciate life a little more if they survive. I know there’s no way they will get Jeff to try he doesn’t like climbing stairs never mind jumping of the side of a mountain. I hope they realize they better sleep late this weekend or at least don’t make any loud sounds or open the curtains and they better have some aspirin in the house or there will be Hell to pay. Well I better get my party stuff together I’ll let you know how it goes if I survive Ciao

Will wonders never cease to amaze Nacional won a game last night, John must be overjoyed. He should get used to the idea though we all know how Nacional is putting together a winning streak just doesn’t seem to be in the card for them but we will see. I kept to my decision not to party during the week and just chilled out last night it makes the mornings much more tolerable and I get to enjoy the sun again. Don’t think Jeff and Ruby have anything planed for the weekend but with Ruby you never know what’s going to happen till it happens. I hope they go out so I can misbehave a little I noticed a lot of bugs showing up at night and I know I didn’t invite them to any party of mine. Their usually gone by morning those that aren’t I just stomp on and Jeff sweeps them up, hey I said they weren’t invited didn’t I? I got to tell you this has been a slow week around here, I know there’s been something’s going on in Bogota but we’ll wait to it’s all sorted out then we’ll discuss it here don’t want  to get all riled up and then be wrong. I think it’s time  I went over to the couch and took a nap we’ll talk more tomorrow Ciao.


May 16, 2012

OHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Somebody please turn off the sun or pull down the shades the light is killing me. What a party last night I think I’m getting a little too old to be doing the limbo at four I the morning and whose bright idea was it to start doing shots of Tequila with Rum chasers and to make it better Hari got p early and came to visit. His footsteps sounded like thunder in my head. You when you want a cloudy day the sun comes out and it seems to be even brighter than normal, it serve me right I guess I just had too much fun last night God I need a Tic-tac my breath smells like Jeff’s feet after a long walk. Ok where did I put the aspirin I’m going to take it easy until the weekend no more parties during the week Ohhhh my head Ciao.

Tuesday in Bello the sun is shining, for now, it was shining when I posted yesterday and five minutes later the clouds moved in and the sky opened up and dumped about an inch plus of rain. You guys up in the USA don’t know what rain is until you see it rain here and it does a lot of damage landslides flooded farms and homes destroyed. Well that’s depressing Ruby put up a video on Facebook from Mothers day to me it sounds like a bunch of kids laughing, but everybody had a great time and is still talking about it. It’s still my birthday month and I’m going back into my party mood tonight so I might be a little late with my post tomorrow. I think Jeff and Ruby are planning some quite time this weekend but that’s them not me. Jeff found out his bank sold their Colombian branches to a Colombian banking company and they’re going to close their branches down here by Oct. Nov.. He’s not sure how that will affect getting money from the US but he’s sure it will screw him somehow. Life just acts that way sometimes it might cause him to take a trip back to the US which as much as he would like to he wouldn’t be able to see his relatives because he’d have to go to NJ which he really doesn’t want to. Hey has anybody got some really cheery news they can send me so I don’t have to listen to Jeff all day. I’m going to take a nap to rest up for my party activities tonight so Ciao.


The Day After

May 14, 2012

As predicted Mothers day was a beautiful sunny day in Bello, I hope the sun was out in your area to. Jeff got up early this morning; I have no idea why, and watched the Concert Channel which was showing Eric Clapton playing Robert Johnson songs. After watching it and realizing that a couple of the people he was watching had died in the last few years, in particular Billy Preston who had played piano for the Beatle and Rolling Stones amongst others and was considered the best in his field. This got Jeff to thinking about all the great Rock and Roll artist that have passed away and he wondered what if some hadn’t passed away like George Harrison  or John Lennon, Jimi Hendricks etc.. He thought would Beatles have gotten back together and his answer was no he didn’t think so because John was to creative and probably would have gone and became more of an activist like Bono is today Paul wouldn’t have became such a star on his own George would have probably been the most successful solo artist sense he was the most loved. They probably wouldn’t have a lot of time sense they’re would be a lot of law suits between John and Paul as to controlled the music as for Jimi Hendricks he would have continued to evolve as a musician until he reached a certain  level and then he would be like Clapton not touring much and involved with other projects . I think he would have gone in the direction of the film industry. Jim Morrison of the Doors would have gone off to be a reclusive poet and the rest of the doors would be doing what they’re doing now trying to make a living. Nobody can really know what the music scene would have looked like if some of these greats hadn’t passed away. Well that’s enough nostalgia for now I hope everybody had a great day Sunday just remember today is Monday Ciao

Do not make any loud sounds

Mothers Day

May 13, 2012


enough said