Lazy Sunday

May 27, 2012

Boy this is going to be a really lazy Sunday and the Sun is out and hot nobody wants to do anything I love days like this. Last night Jeff and Ruby took Nelida out for dinner to their favorite spot Waffles and Crepes. They have a great menu of lite healthy great tasting stuff but the really great thing is the desert menu, if you love ice cream and want to be spoiled by beautiful and great tasting creations then you will want to put this on your list of places to eat in when in Colombia. Ice cream down here tastes like id fifty years ago in America before they started messing with those great recipes so they could sell it cheaper. After dinner they walked back to the stadium to see them record a TV show called Sabados felices if you can find it on the Spanish channel in you city watch it next Saturday and you’ll see us in the audience Jeff will be the tall good looking Gringo with the two good looking women, don’t know what time they’ll show us and down here the show is four hours but if you can check us out. This week Ruby has a birthday May 28, Nelida and Hader on May31, and Nacho on June 2. They decide to have one party on Sunday June 10ththat way they celebrate all the birthdays as well as father’s day that way everybody won’t go broke throwing a bunch of parties and the following Monday is holiday so everyone can rest up afterwards. Well this was enough work for a lazy day like this Ciao.


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