September 26, 2012

Well here’s Jeff’s rant I’m going back to bed.

Have you ever tried to figure out how the world got to this point? I have and as you know I always come up with an answer maybe not the right one but an answer never the less. In this case my answer is the Bushes , I blame the father for instilling the contempt for the American public and the son for being not only contemptuous but a complete idiot, and you have to throw in the American voting public because they elected this idiot (maybe, see Florida election results). The Middle East is screwed up because Jr. decided it would be better for him to invade Iraq then just go after the people who were responsible for 9/11. After all did we want to admit that a crazy guy living in a cave with a laptop and a prayer rug could put together a sophisticated operation such as the attack on the twin towers had we just gone after Ben Laden we more than likely wouldn’t be dealing with a possible nuclear Iran. Let me explain prior to desert storm and even after Iran was afraid of Saddam attacking its borders most of it military budget was spent on defending that border. When we finally went and invaded after 9/11 we removed that threat and allowed Iran to redirect its spending to other things, remember prior to it becoming a religious government the country had been run by the Shaw one of those first class depots that the US made friends with. When he was removed from power and the Khomeini took over the Iranian people were ready to hate us so we naturally started arming Saddam in the hope he could rid Iran of the Islamic rule. Well after many years of stalemate Saddam needed more money to finance his little empire so he decides to attack one of the most hated regimes in the Middle East Kuwait. They were so hated because of their arrogance and exploitation of the people who went to them for work. He believed no one would come to their aid and he would be able to seize there oil fields without much opposition. Well he was wrong and so began our problems. Saddam was a stabilizing threat to the area the other Arab countries were afraid of him so they were grateful when we invaded the problem was that without this threat hanging over them they were able to concentrate more on Global expansion of their religious revolutions. Iran got a president that wanted to have Iran back as the ruling country in the region and the other Islamic radicals focused on Israel while Iran realized that if they presented a huge treat to the US maybe they wouldn’t want to be involved if Iran invaded a neighboring country. America is at present supporting the rebels in Syria another stabilizing country in the region because their leader ws considered a nut job and his army was trained by, you got it the US. With all the strong despots removed from power there was a vacuum which the Us thought would be filled by Democratic governments and as usual we were wrong. It is being filled by Islamic revolutionaries who hate us and want to destroy us so in conclusion if we had left Saddam alone and had just gone after and killed Ben Laden we probably wouldn’t be in this mess now so Thanks George for screwing up the future for my Nephews and grandchild you ASS HOLE.

One Response to “IT’S GEORGE’S FAULT”

  1. valerie said

    couldn’t agree with you more, you just took the words out of my mouth


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