More Friday

September 28, 2012

Its’ now Friday afternoon and we are having a weather day. It’s raining across the valley and sunshine and blue skies above us. It seems as if this storm can’t make all the way over the mountain top pretty cool huh. The news hasn’t got any better so I decided not to include any headlines in this post. If anybody knows a reliable cheap shipping company to have things sent from the US let Jeff and Ruby know they don’t want to have to pay to get gifts sent to them with all the family they have to buy gifts for they really can’t afford it. John still insists he’s not going to watch anymore Colombian soccer we have serious doubts about that, but time will tell. Well we’ll make this post a quickie I told Jeff has to come up with I 30 posts in 18 days to have an average of one a day for the year CIAO.

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