September 27, 2012

Well I’m glad that’s over he really gets carried away sometimes. This time I happen to agree with him but that’s just a cat’s opinion. So let’s see we made it to Thursday and the weekend is just around the corner it looks like the weather is going to start improving I don’t think it rained last night although you could major lightening on the mountain top. That means that towns like Rio Negro, where the air port is, got a lot of rain. That’s why when you fly down here always call ahead especially if you see clods over the mountains. The airport is hard enough to land and takeoff in good weather so they tend to close it during rain storms. Still looking for something to do this weekend anyone have a good idea I really need to get Jeff out of the house so he’ll leave me alone. I see the NFL refs went back to work that should make the gamblers happy and the games a little shorter and easier to watch. OK it’s nap time Jeff has to make some phone calls so I’ll have some peace and quiet for the moment CIAO

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