Both Sad and Happy

June 30, 2012

Well today is a good news sad news kind of day Jeff’s niece is getting a big promotion at work along with more money, that’s the good news the bad news is she’s moving to Tokyo for two years and doesn’t think she’s going to be able to come for a visit next year. Jeff is sad about the not coming for a visit part but he also happy and very proud of Janet and her success and knows her father would be just as proud and don’t get nervous Jeff is just of proud of his niece Kim and the great job she’s done raising her family. Kim was as successful as Janet’ maybe even a little more so when she worked and now it’s Janet’s turn. A Jeff just worry that Janet works to hard she always says just a couple of more years and then I’ll retire. Jeff hope she means it this time he know she likes the perks the gourmet dinners and fine wines but that’s nothing compared to being able to set back and smell the roses for more than a few weeks a year Oh we can hear her now Uncle Jeff I take time to smell the roses. Yeah right when was the last time you went somewhere and didn’t check your I-Phones at least once a day? Jeff says people always told him he would never be able to retire that he would have to do something and he is he’s doing whatever he wants, like writing this Blog with me and of course he doing his book thing (it’s almost done) but he gets up when he wants doesn’t have to worry about what people think about his book or blog if somebody publishes his book and he makes some money great if not he did what he wanted. He thinks Janet should be a writer she has an elegant style that makes recipes sound like works of art in print. Well Jeff knows he can’t make Janet or Kim do things they don’t want so all he can do so all he can do is Love them and if they need him or want to talk to be there for them, as for me I’m just Jeff’s friend so whatever he does I’m on his side so long as I get fresh water, food and an occasional scratch behind the ears CIAO.


One Response to “Both Sad and Happy”

  1. Kim said

    We love you too Uncle Jeffrey!! Maybe you and Ruby can visit her inJapan one day! (Flounder – I’m not sure if you would like the flight…come to think of it, Jeff won’t either!). OK – I’ll have to look into my schedule…maybe Billy and I can come visit Columbia after he graduates from HS!


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