June 22, 2012

Happy TGIF everyone I’m sitting here with Jeff listening to the Band Playing Music from Big Pink and we decided to comment on a few of the headlines on yahoo.coms home page. First up Great Whites in Mass I guess they never saw Jaws they been in those waters forever maybe they were in disguise. Two and this is from the financial section Where to find a wedding cake for $316? Bake it yourself or go to Carvel’s ice cream store. Third the Heat wins now here’s one that nobody except Lebron James cares about. Fourth they’re going to remake what was one of the worst comic book hero movies ever made Judge Dredd it sucked with big name Sylvester Stallone staring in it whatever gave them the idea that someone would pay money to see another one. Fifth Microsoft is coming out with a tablet that has a key board well it not bad two expensive for us and we do more writing than computing probably great for business my Nieces Janet and Kim will probably get one they like all those gadget things. Sixth Celo is bring a cockatoo to the TV show the voice, maybe his cat is still hanging around and will eat it on live TV. Seventh and the last one Crickets invade Austin Texas. I always thought Bush would bring the wrath of God down on himself. Well I hope you enjoyed out take on some of the headlines of today maybe we’ll do it again sometime and by the way the album I mentioned at the beginning is GREAT Ciao.


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