Wild Fires and Health Care on a Friday

June 29, 2012

Friday I decided to look at the headlines again today to see what dumb one Yahoo could up with here are some. How to get Toned Abs, Bicep Lasting Workout, Story behind the Wiffle Ball, and Wild Food Paula Dean Eats. Now you would think with all that’s going on in the world they could find better stories to do, but no this is what they come with for Friday maybe they just don’t want to ruin your weekend. These are some of the stories I think are more important; Colorado Wild Fires, Barclays banks casual e-mails, and the one I find the most upsetting Republican vow to repeal health care law I it’s entirely. You going to say why the Health care law story, well because I don’t think anybody knows the whole law they pick out parts that they think will get voters behind them and then complain about them. I have no idea what the whole law is about or for that matter any part of it I’m upset because people are always saying Healthcare needs to be reformed and one someone comes up with a plan all of sudden there are people jumping around telling you how bad it is. Let me say this we live in Colombia South America it cost us roughly 54 dollars a month for health insurance and then another 8 dollars for six prescriptions. Are we getting the absolute best doctors? Maybe yes maybe no it’s the same anywhere in the world the more money you have the better the insurance and the doctors, but some of the best vacillates in this hemisphere are located in Medellin, so for our money we’re in better shape than we were in the US.

The Colorado wild fires, which might have been cause be arson, are of deep concern for Jeff and Ruby because they have family there and there are people up there that are losing everything. Some cynical people would say well they have money so they probably have great insurance. Let me tell you when you lose thing that have been part of your family forever or pictures of you and your kids and grand kids its traumatic no matter how much money you have even more so if you lived in that house all your life. Don’t forget the damage to the environment trees don’t grow back in a week and they just like all plant life supply us with the oxygen we breath and there’s the animals small and large that are dining in the fire and will continue to die now that there food supply is going up in smoke. People don’t get concern when one it’s not happening in their back yard and two when the perception is it’s only a bunch of rich people losing their summer homes. Well it’s not rich people losing their summer homes it’s all of us losing part of our heritage so when you see picture of this on the TV don’t look away if they give numbers to help; help as much as you can. Well you all probably wanted me to talk about the weird foods Paula Dean eats but I decided to give you a little food for thought instead CIAO.

One Response to “Wild Fires and Health Care on a Friday”

  1. valerie said

    my mother always said “I could stay of the soap box for hours, well she did not meet Jeff, he has me beat, I agree with most things he rants about so I guess I can stay off my soap box for now.


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