January 27, 2013

shoes worn out sneakersIt’s Sunday sorry about yesterday but Jeff was under the weather he’s still not feeling to great today but he’s trying. Do you guys remember when you bought a pair of sneakers not as a fashion statement but because you needed them for Gym class or to save wear and tear on you good shoes when you went out to play? Most of you probably don’t remember but the old grump Jeff does and he wondering when a pair of sneakers started costing more than a pair of Florshiem dress shoes, hell for that matter a pair of Adios or Nikes cost more than a pair of Jeans and a couple of shirts. You don’t want to know the profit margin in these things either, them being made in foreign countries for pennies and then sold here for hundreds. There are two things you can be sure poor people have a Cell phone and a pair of Nikes. Now the sys a lot for the culture of a country and where it’s headed and in the case of the US it not going in a good direction, when Jeff was growing up a car was what you wanted, now you need a car, and I pad, I phone and a 300 dollar pair of Air Jordan’s. I give up on you humans especially those in the US you perspective on life sucks so I’m going to go take a nap and think about what I want (a little food and a clean litter box) CIAO.

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