January 22, 2013

mlk2Well we made it through the Presidential inauguration and all the BS that comes with it, but you know what I found interesting is how they change everyone birthday to fit their own needs. Look at Martin Luther King his birthday is Jan 15 (Capricorn just like Jeff) and they could have celebrated it on the 14th but they chose to move the holiday to the 21st so it would coincide with Obama’s second term inauguration, pretty sneaky if you ask me. I wonder if I could get my birthday changed maybe take a few years off, what do you think. I understand the desire to make three day weekends it gives the government and the banks a chance to make more money off you, but why do this wouldn’t it serve the same purpose to keep the date original. The banks would still make interest everybody else would actually save money as well because they would take trips that they really couldn’t afford and maybe just maybe they would do what the day off was intended for rest. Look at me I’m beginning to sound just like Jeff, I have to stop reading the news and looking at the calendar. Well it’s another cloudy morning down here and it actually did rain for a change, I hope it means the real hot weather is over for a little while although Hader says you only get about a month of really nice weather then it either rains or get really hot. I haven’t seen Hari in awhile hope it clears up later so he can visit. Jeff second book is 25% done, according to him; he’s looking at late March or early April for publishing. That doesn’t mean he couldn’t have a rush of enthusiasm and inspiration and finish the book sooner. Ok I’m done time to take a nap talk to you all later CIAO.


  1. valerie said

    does it ever get cool there


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