January 23, 2013

Do-You-Care_main-logoIt’s Wednesday and I decided to take a look at the headlines that make no sense to me. No. 1 Ashley Judd Senate do we really care about some over the hill country singer running for senate she’ll right in with the rest of the brain dead in there. No.2 Radcliff gay love scene I always thought Harry Potter was a little gay, but how is this a headline news story. No.3 Arnold loves Maria yeah right that’s why he slept with the maid and she had his kid again this is not a world news story. No.4 Chuck Schumer photo bombs the President OK this was not an assassination attempt and since it wasn’t what the hell is a photo bomb and who cares. Now if you look at the headlines you know I could go on and on but I’ll stop here for now. It’s cloudy again down here and that’s another headline you don’t need. The weekend is coming that’s a good thing and so far it looks like a quite one, Jeff will have to tell Ruby if she want s to anything it has to be this weekend because next weekend is Super Bowl and he plans to watch the opening kickoff if nothing else. I’ll have some news on Jeff’s new book, maybe tomorrow if I can get him to open up a little bit in the mean time I feel like I have to cough up a fur ball CIAO.

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