January 31, 2013

no_violence_by_shit2009-d38fzzcOk no more weird stuff today let’s talk about all the violence I the world today. Now I’m going to talk about the violence to animals and humans first humans you guy are going completely nuts just look around first people are shooting up schools and offices because thing aren’t going well for them so now there’s a cry for more laws about guns. The NRA claims that any ban is in violation of the second amendment which they say allows the people to keep arms so that they can protect themselves from other people or the government. Ok I get they want make sure the country doesn’t turn into a police state there solution is armed guard everywhere now as I see it, and remember I’m only a cat, that sounds like a police state only difference the people with the guns aren’t called police they’re called armed security. OK let’s say we just ban what they refer to as assault weapons and large capacity ammo clips here again the NRA says people have the right to protect themselves. From what a full scale invasion that’s what I pay taxes for to maintain an army so I don’t have to out and be shot at, and there’s no other good reason to have an ar15 with a 30 round clip. You’re not going to tell me you need to hunting, if it takes that many rounds to bring down your target, your obviously a lousy shot and aren’t hunting for food. I know this is going to piss off all the gun advocates but remember one thing I’m not saying ban guns just use a little common sense. As for those of you that like to torture animals well you need to seek some serious help. It is a proven fact that torturing and killing animals a t a young age is a symptom of a serial killer in the making or a pyromaniac. One thing that keeps me loving Jeff is that when he walks down the street he won’t just walk by someone beating an animal or a little child and speaking of children I really can’t discuss pedophiles they just make me too crazy when I think about them and Jeff starts beating on the computer keys so we try to do what we can to stop that kind of violence. I could go on and on and if I let Jeff get started it would turn into another book and a book length rant by him is just something I don’t want to think about mine is bad enough so remember the weekend is almost here I’ll be back tomorrow CIAO.

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