January 25, 2013

DSCF0928Friday’s is here and another cloudy morning, I will say this the afternoons have been pretty nice and we don’t have that really bad heat. Yesterday Ruby’s sister Nelida had surgery on her hand; due to the difficulty in translating some of the medical terminology I really don’t know the whole problem. It has something to do with the thumb I’m guessing sort of like carpal tunnel syndrome but not the exact same thing. It was a three hour deal but she was home last night and everybody went over to see the cast on her hand and try to make her feel good. It seemed to work, at least for awhile, but the thought that she’s going to out of work for a couple of months at least is a little depressing for her. You see they don’t have disability down here and for the matter they don’t have paid vacation either, that’s the big disadvantage to this work contract thing they have here. I’m guessing it’s the only way to keep the majority of the people off of any social programs that they might have down here. It surprises me that the people down here are always so happy Americans would be jumping out windows with this system. They’re so used to having the Government there to assist them when things go wrong like Nelida’s operation up there she would have disability to help her down here she has Jeff and Ruby because they both love her and do what they can to help. Well one thing I know for sure it’s nice to have a family to fall back on in tough times anyhow it’s nap time CIAO.

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