February 26, 2014

escapism-lJeff has been looking on Facebook and sees friends and relatives discussing the Oscars and how moving or whatever this picture or that picture has been. Jeff doesn’t understand that he feels he lives life he doesn’t want to pay money to see life; he wants to escape it for an hour or two. He likes to watch Sci-Fi movies and then discuss the possibility of what he watched happening in the near future. He loves action picture where the bad guy gets his and the good guy is a hero. He really loves it when the “good guy” gets to torture and kill the bad guy. He loves movies and books where he can’t predict the end after a few minutes or pages. But it would seem he is in the minority people want to know the end before the beginning they love stories that reflect real life. I guess that’s why Jeff still reads comic books and what people used to call “Dime Store Novels”. Today’s movies are all the effects and the cinema photography there are few great actors and even fewer movies for them to act in. Jeff doesn’t understand why someone would fork out twenty dollars to go to the movies watch bad acting and come out and say Oh that was so moving it was like were really there. News Flash: most of you were wouldn’t you rather see a movie or read a book that stimulated your imagination rather then you memory. Well we’re out of here this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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