February 18, 2014

artmax_180Jeff grew up on New Jersey and I guess I did to and we saw the corruption so when HBO did the Sopranos we knew it was based on truth. Now today the Governor of the state is Chris Christie an ex federal prosecutor for New Jersey so people would think he be a honest Governor. But not really he is arrogant, self centered and thinks he’s smarter than you. Now he might be a really smart guy but his arrogance and conceit have made him into the bully everybody hated in high school. Some people like his attitude that’s only because they’re on his side, or want to make money or, want to share in his power. What has become obvious to us, and remember we don’t live there anymore, and we have no axe to grind. Is his total disregard for laws that he enforced just a few years ago and his attitude that he can do whatever he wants and the hell with everybody else. It has been widely reported that he might run for president in 2016. First let me say thank God we don’t live there anymore and secondly the one thing this country doesn’t need is another politician in Washington that thinks he’s better than the people that but him there. Unfortunately New Jersey is stuck with fats I don’t think anything less than a criminal conviction will get him out of office. If we were still living in the US I would be praying he doesn’t run or worse get elected President if he did I would move but since I don’t live there all I can say is good luck. This is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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