February 20, 2014

indexMany states in the US and some countries are legalizing pot much to the chagrin of drug enforcement agencies. Why do you ask are they objecting is Pot really that dangerous? Well anything that’s done to excess is potentially dangerous but in the case of Pot it’s all about money. If Marijuana becomes legal the drug agencies would lose a lot of the money that is now supposed to be used to stop Pot use. In Colorado the legalization of Pot has increased tax revenues far above expatiations. But in the US government agencies compete for money so that they can have the big salaries and maintain some influence in politics. If you look at Colombia and the money the US government spends trying to help them rid the country of drugs they would lose 2 Billion dollars in income is drugs were legalized. The US would lose the ability to influence the politics of the government and government corruption would probably be reduced slightly in both countries. Legalizing Marijuana maybe a simple way to reduce jail populations as well as control and tax a huge illegal income source. As far as Jeff and I are concerned we support legalization even though our pot days are far behind us. Will there be cases of the abuse of pot of course just as there are cases of abuse of alcohol. But remember how much money organized crime made when drinking was illegal and how much tax revenues dropped in some states. There will always be people selling illegal pot just as there are still moonshiners making illegal booze. But we believe there won’t be millions of kids walking around in a drug induced state because of legalization. This is just our opinion: This is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “YEAH LEGALIZE IT”

  1. valerie said

    yup — legalize it


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