February 21, 2014

olympic_judgingWell there’s another scandal brewing in the Olympics about judging. I don’t know why they can’t do something about it. It seems to happen mostly in figure skating and diving I guess because it very subjective and most people don’t understand the judging rules and can easily be deceived. But they seem to have a scandal or some sort of controversy every Olympics. The one thing people really don’t understand is that these athletes competing in the event are amateurs. The figure skaters don’t make real money until they retire and divers the same except most of them will never make real money from their sport. Skating has had bribery scandals accusations of home country favoritism a lot of which have been proven but nothing changes. Somehow changes must be made in the sport so that a judge can’t take away from the athlete what the athlete has worked here whole life to gain. I mean that they have to remove the ability to taint a win. I have no idea how to accomplish this what I do know is that people like Jeff who learned to watch these events from their parents will, as Jeff has stop watching. Jeff being an old guy thinks things were better before they started letting professional s compete, but like I said he’s an old guy. Well if anybody has a good idea just post it in our comment section and we’ll put in Monday’s blog and see what other people think. This is Flounder, I hate ice and water, saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

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