February 25, 2014

stupidity-460x505Well seeing that I’m a roll here’s some more bad news the governor of New Jersey wants to reduce pensions. Well you say Ok so what that mean to me if I’m collecting from the state already? Well maybe nothing they might leave you alone but I doubt it they’ll try and mess with your health benefits if they haven’t already and for those nearing retirement they’ll try to extend you or will just reduce the amount of the benefit. Now when Jeff graduated High School way back in 1963 if you couldn’t afford or just didn’t want to go to College you could take a civil service exam and get a job in the Post office or for the City State or Federal government. You would get benefits you probably couldn’t afford other wise and you got job security and retirement benefits. Which you might not of gotten had you gone on to college, if you had gone to college and went into teaching you not only got to do something rewarding but your future was secure. If you went into the military you could get the benefits after your enlistment was up that would allow you to go to school. Things have changed what was once considered a great job I’m speaking of the Post office or Teaching are now considered to be low paying with little or no guarantees of a secure future. Now Jeff knows from personal experience that the post of is loaded with dead weight starting at the top and working down. He is aware also that some teachers are just going thru the motions, but that is a small minority, most are dedicated to the kids. But politicians like Christie in New Jersey think there to blame for the children not learning. It’s not the poverty in the state or the fact that both parents have to work and the kids are left on their own unless some teacher reaches them and gives them the desire and assistance to stay in school. Christy is like most other politicians he comes from a privileged background and doesn’t understand or care about those that don’t. This is Flounder, and I’m not happy, saying CIAO from Medellin.

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