February 27, 2014

indexJust finished reading a story about an American company JC Penney and how they’re getting customers back by doing sale rather than everyday low prices. There doing to old fashioned way there screwing you. First they raise the price then they’ll tell you the sale is 30% off and when you by the product if you think you’re getting a deal but actually you’re paying the same price if you had bought the product last week. Macy’s and other big high end retail shops do this all the time even Wal- Mart does it on some products. If you really want to save money and this applies to Colombia as well you have to know your prices then you’ll be able to tell if you’re really getting a good deal or not. That’s why Jeff likes going to “the main” in Bello because you can find the same products at a much reduced cost. In America Jeff once used a gift card at Neiman Marcus to buy Ruby a blouse that cost around eighty dollars they late saw the same blouse by the same maker for 28 dollars at Burlington coat. Stores that claim to have the lowest price for an item are usually not telling the whole truth you have to know what model number or manufacturer before you go buying what they tell you is a good deal. It all boils down to being smart and taking a little time to check thing s out something the average shopper won’t do. Well I see a sale sign down the road so this is Flounder saying CIAO from Colombia.

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