February 28, 2014

Colombia Building Collapse

378760_9248_1Yesterday they imploded a building in Medellin that had suffered a partial collapse a month or so ago. If you look at the two pictures above you’ll TOP see before the implosion and BELOW after the implosion. The city and the company that did it are claiming success but Jeff points to the pictures and feels that all they succeeded in doing was creating an even more unsafe condition. Now Jeff may know a lot about explosives but he’s not a structural engineer but it’s his belief they screwed up in the interest of trying to save the rest of the building. Now there isn’t enough money in the world to make Jeff want to live in that building but Colombians are obviously of a different opinion. It was undecided as to the cause of the original collapse but from the photos and new coverage if it wasn’t geological it was from faulty concrete. Neither of those reasons seems to be what the authorities want say. If they do then someone made a mistake and other buildings could be in danger in fact they have found others in the country. Maybe they’re having the same problem those plaques large cities in America dishonest building inspectors. Another thought might be that the way buildings are built down here maybe they should limit the height to twelve stories. It could be the taller buildings can’t handle the stress of high winds. Well whatever the case may be they need to figure it out soon before a lot of people die. This is Flounder (on the tenth floor)saying CIAO from Medellin Colombia.

One Response to “BOOM OPPS”

  1. valerie said

    scary do people still live in the part that is still standing?? I’d be worried if I lived there. How tall is your building


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