October 5, 2017

First let me say fats will be writing this post I’m kinda sick. I can’t poop and my but is swollen I have fats update you on my condition. Well thanks Flounder don’t worry friend I’ll take good care of him.
We couldn’t wait till Sunday to say something about the shooting in Las Vegas. Mass shootings such as this one have been committed by what is referred to as domestic terrorists. These are the hard ones to find because they’ve never preached against this country they don’t belong to any organizations and for the most part are bat shit crazy. Now everybody is yelling for stricter gun laws, well that’s all well and good but unless you can make the gun manufactures liable in some way the guns will still be out there, plus we don’t know exactly how many are already out there. There are many more guns not registered that those that are and that’s a big argument used by those against stricter laws. They always claim that stricter laws won’t stop the sale of illegal guns just make them more expensive and we would be punishing the legal gun owners. I’m old so I remember back after the race riots, especially the one in Newark; you could get just about any kind of weapon you wanted on the corner no question asked. I have absolutely no faith in law reinforcements ability to stop the sale of illegal firearms or for this country to pass stricter gun laws. We might be able to get some laws restricting magazine size and ammunition sales. It’s possible the NRA might; if enough pressure is applied to them support those laws to prevent tougher ones on the sale of actual weapons. That to me is about all we can hope to get. Remember a gun doesn’t have to be registered or bought legally in order to kill someone. This is fats filling in for a under the weather Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia. Get better soon Flounder I miss you very much.


  1. valerie said

    flounder tell Fats to give you Hair ball medicine if you don’t have any use Vaseline have seen this work well for many cat ailments
    you can get it in a tube at Walmart or a pet store – not saying it’s going to work but worth a try. Hope you feel better Flounder


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