October 8, 2017

Geez can things get more fucked up then they are, it’s getting so I don’t want to read the new (not even the sports).We didn’t make it to the vet the other day because I was feeling better but now we going to go in a little while so here’s Fats with today’s post. I think the Trumpster wants a war to divert attention from how fucked up his administration is. I said on Facebook the other day that it would take at least ten years to straighten out the country when he gets done screwing it up. Most people think I’m being to conservative. To those who think he’s doing the right thing America can’t survive as either a all white nation or one that close its borders and decides it will ignore the rest of the world. Now I’ve long thought that when we get involved in other countries policies it’s because of money and I still firmly believe that. Politicians listen to the money when they send kids off to die telling them it’s to preserve Democracy. That’s pure BULLSHIT they do it to preserve their fat ass wallets. The Trumpster also wants to implement a sort of Christen law on us. Does that make him any different than the Muslim larders that want to impose Sharia law on their people? Every time I look around now that 60’s song Eve of Destruction comes to mind. Well I’m off to take my friend Flounder to the vet I’ll update his conditioner as soon as I know something.

One Response to “HE IS NOT THE ANSWER”

  1. valerie said

    get better flounder


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