October 29, 2017

Well Halloween is only a few days away and I was wondering if kids still dress up as the Devil. The Devil, Satan, Lucifer and many other names is blamed for just about every bad thing that happens. Christianity will tell you it because we’ve succumbed to his temptation. They refer to him as the evil therefore anything evil in the world is his fault. I don’t think so; I mean we all face a little temptation everyday like having that piece of cake or an extra glass of wine. These may seem trivial but they go along with jay walking parking in a handicapped space. Now there are people going I would never do that. That maybe true but they would take an extra piece of cake or ignore the bum on the corner. The point is humans are not perfect. I believe there are those that are born evil. Now what does that mean? Did the Devil slip in the middle of the night and plant his seed? For generations that was the answer. I don’t believe that I think if you believe in god no matter what you call him or her you have to believe in pure evil and I think the both come from the same place. I also don’t believe any religion is right I think a lot are really just ways for people to make money and gain power over others. I don’t think religious leader such as the Pope or Imams or the head Rabbi or any of the other humans who claim to speak the word of God are speaking for him. the other thing that bothers me about the Satan thing is everybody seems to agree on him but nobody can agree on which God is really God. So it seems that evil is real and there’s only one but we can’t come to any conclusions on the God thing. And here’s another thing we seem to know what god looks like because he walked the Earth ain some human form such as Jesus, Buda, Mohamed, and others. Does that mean that the Devil walked around earth with horns and a tail? Seems like a pretty screwed up situation doesn’t it? Well I’m going to put on my horns and get ready to go trick or treating in the mean time this is Flounder saying CIAO from Medellin, Colombia.

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